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3AxisData Changes Name to SigmaSense ®

Introduces Capacitive Imaging to replace switched capacitive touch controllers

AUSTIN, TexasJan. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — SigmaSense LLC (SigmaSense), today announced their name change from 3AxisData LLC, and has introduced their SigmaVision™ and TruePressure™ technologies, both of which utilize their new approach to Capacitive Imaging. The technology uses an innovative Sigma-delta based architecture to provide concurrent digital signal creation and noise filtering for superior sensing. SigmaVision™, which breaks new ground in noise immunity, and TruePressure™, which “gets the pen write,” are the key technologies that employ SigmaSense’s Capacitive Imaging Technology. These are the first digital and fully scalable sensing technologies to solve the noise immunity and tuning challenges of traditional PCAP sensors.

“Analog can’t touch digital®,” said Rick Seger, CEO of SigmaSense. “SigmaSense Capacitive Imaging will work with sensors that are in use today, and it will provide game changing performance even for large PCAP sensors. The SigmaVision™ Controller effectively senses the entire screen in video while others work like slow line scanners. Never before has there been a controller solution that offers such noise immunity, programmability, and scalability.”

SigmaVision™: Machines must be capable of learning from their environments and from their interactions, so they can respond in ways that delight users. The SigmaVision™ Controller operates more like a high resolution digital imager as opposed to the current solutions that use switched capacitive technologies. More information means better decisions and enables the next generation of perceptive machines.

TruePressure™: A simplified active pen tip module delivers truly ground-breaking features and ultra-realistic writing and drawing. The superior pen performance is achieved by sensing TruePressure™, the actual amount of force applied to the pen at the touch screen, regardless of pen orientation.

About SigmaSense:
SigmaSense LLC provides the first digital and fully-scalable sensing technology to solve the noise immunity and tuning challenges of traditional touch sensors. Our SigmaVision™ Controller utilizes a breakthrough in Capacitive Imaging to concurrently transmit and receive for self-capacitance, mutual capacitance, and pen from a single pin. The unique approach to Capacitive Imaging has the potential to affect positive disruption across many industries where intuitive machine interfaces will decide the winners. SigmaSense technology enables access to game-changing information about interactions with mobile devices, large format interactive displays, and limitless custom sensing applications. Join us in pioneering the next evolutionary progression of perceptive machines.