Automotive Applications

Rethink HMI & Lead The Race to New Experiences

Intuitive Experiences Revolutionize the Vehicle Cockpit

More adaptive, robust, and radical

SigmaSense breakthroughs across speed, accuracy, low power, and noise mitigation, deliver smooth, reliable, and robust performance along with programmable flexibility required to innovate wow experiences to reinvent the cockpit.

New World of Automotive 3D Sensing

Touch sensing is just the beginning

SigmaSense enables high-fidelity touch sensing in automotive displays, plus interactions via hover, pressure, and unprecedented sensing of presence detection. All include users wearing gloves and on wet surfaces.


Driver vs. Passenger ID

Transfer data through touch

SigmaSense multi-user ID detects individual users, ideal to identify the driver vs. passengers within a vehicle cockpit. Maximize safety with the best user experiences. Interactions with intent.

Pillar to Pillar Innovations

Long-line sensing opens new possibilities

SigmaSense unique ability to drive high impedance loads at low voltages enables long-line sensing – one sensor and one touch control device remotely located while processing data from multiple sensing locations – a previously impossible operation.


Sensor Fusion & Channel Sharing

Software definition of multiple sensing functions

SigmaSense delivers programmable seamless and simultaneous interactions with touch displays, buttons, sliders, dials, and mechanical switches for interior or exterior applications. Managed by software, channels are adaptable and reusable for efficient HMI experience processing.