Large Displays

Revolutionize adaptive experiences for large-scale interactive displays


Gameboards that change the game

World’s fastest large screen multi-player experiences

With a combination of high-fidelity, speed, ultra-low voltage and superior signal-to-noise, SigmaSense makes previously impossible play and game designs on tables and gameboards a reality. Multiple players can interact at gaming class speeds on screen sizes up to 100 inches.

No more limitations to large display digital signage

Touch & feel like a mobile device now on large screens

Thanks to SigmaSense current-mode sensing at low voltage, large displays can now simultaneously drive, sense, and image the entire screen surface regardless of size. Abandon previous limitations with 300Hz report rate on 32 to 100 inch touch displays, driven by as little as only 0.02 volts.


Rugged interactive outdoor redefined

Unimaginable perfect touch experience in harsh conditions

SigmaSense SDC100 powers displays at high-speed touch report rates in rain, snow, and through gloves and 13-mm bulletproof glass for the 75” LG-MRI BoldVu double-sided kiosks at Barclays Center.

Interactive sensing & AI enabled experiences

High fidelity multi-touch sensing + AI enabled object detection

SigmaSense captures high-speed, high-resolution data to support AI object recognition and machine learning for new HMI sensations and exciting new interactive experiences. Interactive Scape fuses SigmaSense high-fidelity multi-touch sensing with object detection creating a world first high-performance interactive tabletop experience.