Mobile Applications

Next wave of adaptive & interactive sensing is more than touch

High Fidelity Touch Sensing & Beyond

New options for interactions

SigmaSense delivers high fidelity touch sensing across multiple types of mobile devices, plus new options for interactions enabled via hover, pressure, pen, presence detection and others. All with unprecedented speed using low voltage and impervious to moisture and noise, including automatic operation with gloves.


Next gen OLEDs - Thinner, brighter & faster

Tired of compromising for noise?

SigmaSense continuous sensing delivers on the promise of OLED, including superior touch enabled interactivity. Continuous sensing and superior SNR enables thinner stacks with high capacitive loads slicing through the long standing noise barriers.

Next gen Foldables – Thinner, bigger and fast on all shapes & curves

Seamless sensing on the fold and edges

The ability to maintain low power with high capacitive loads while mitigating noise is the breakthrough for bigger foldables and rollables to achieve fast report rates for high resolution touch everywhere. Coupled with support for OLEDs and high resistance conductors enabling use of lower cost flexible polymer conductors, vast new possibilities abound.


Gaming first – fast, smooth interactive graphics

Game speed sensing, front, edges & backside

Faster sensing via SigmaSense instantaneous real-time dynamic noise mitigation enables superior interactive experiences with fast, smooth graphics for touch enabled interaction in gaming. From phones to game consoles to laptops – high speed interactions on any surface changes the game.

Industrial Mobile Devices – thinner and tougher

High speed touch outdoor, in water, with gloves from 6” to 18” displays

SigmaSense novel approach delivers robust performance with low power in adverse and noisy conditions, with automatic no mode switching of touch through water and gloves. Plus the benefits of thinner stackups for tablets/notebooks, phones and wearables, including support for multiple sensors, sliders and buttons.