BioSensing Wearables

New generation of biosensing in conductive polymer wearables

Conductive Polymers Unleash New Class of Wearables

High Speed Continuous Sensing

SigmaSense is the industry leader and first to support biosensing via high resistance, conductive polymers and elastromerics for clothing and other wearables. The intercept of low power, exceptional SNR, and high-fidelity data capture create an enabling cost/performance opportunity to innovate wearable features for higher value biosensing products.

Motion Tracking for Health & Activity Data

Continuous in-situ sensing of contextual motion data.

Sigmasense capacitive imaging captures data such as weight, force and pressure with high speed and precision at low power. Coupled with new conductive polymer materials, the precision, reliability and durability limitations of motion tracking wearables becomes a thing of the past. Motion tracking through shoe insoles and gloves opens doors to smarter training and fitness programs, injury prevention, medical diagnosis and more.

wearable motion tracking
wearable biosensing watches

Mobile Physiological Tracking for Health Data

Next gen watches & patches

A new class of truly precise, adaptable and scalable small form factor mobile wearables are enabled with the SigmaSense silicon efficiency and performance for more accurate data at low power. High fidelity sensing, fewer mechanical constraints and smaller batteries make possible a host of new high value user experiences.

Biosensing in Gloves

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