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Author: Rick Seger

The Next Big Thing is Big AND Interactive

The iPhone success story seems to be hitting the same commodification bump that has affected so many before (Motorola, Palm, RIM, Nokia). However, don’t let the dark clouds and abundance of naysayers darken your mood.  The silver tint lining those dark clouds indicates a sun that will...


Analog can’t touch Digital

I just want to send out a sincere “Thank you” to those of you who have repeatedly inquired about our SigmaVision™TM IC. We especially want to thank those who have supported us with your time, your guidance, and in some cases your money.    We are not yet...


Tip-on-Glass; Still the Primary Problem to Solve

We keep hearing that the feel of writing (or drawing) on glass is just "not right". *Research has continually pointed to this problem. We intuitively know there is an issue, but even after ten years of talking about it, I did not understand how serious...


The Pen Keeps Giving

History is unambiguous how the pen has proved “mightier than the sword”. Even if it was something of a rocky transition. For generations a small percentage of the population made writing a part of their daily life. A few people produced enough products and/or traded...