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SigmaSense Closes $22M Series A Funding Round with Groundbreaking Invention Enabling Touchless Touch Screens

SigmaSense Closes $22M Series A Funding Round with Groundbreaking Invention Enabling Touchless Touch Screens Series A funding round led by Foxconn Technology Group; additional investors in the round include Corning, E Ink, GIS, MRI and former Dell CFO Tom Meredith Accelerates development of SigmaSense’s proprietary...

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SigmaSense® Demonstrates On-Cell Capacitive Imaging for Automotive Applications

SID Vehicle Displays Conference demonstrating on-cell LCD or OLED sensor driven by <500mV, an industry first    Austin, Texas – Sept 4, 2019 – SigmaSense LLC, the pioneering performance leader in capacitive imaging technology, announces the industry’s first on-cell interactive display that provides unmatched signal-to noise-performance sensitivity...

SigmaSense® Launches Capacitive-Imaging® Technology for Large Interactive Display OEMs and Software Developers

Technology demonstration at Infocomm 2019 ushers in new high growth market opportunities for horizontal display use cases such as student desktops, restaurant tables, countertops, coffee tables, work-surfaces, kiosks and flex TVs   AUSTIN, Texas – June 11, 2019 – SigmaSense LLC, a pioneering market leader in Capacitive-Imaging...

SigmaSense at Digital Signage Expo

Experience Unprecedented Touch Display Technology Bringing Us Closer Together at the Digital Signage Expo

For decades, digital display technology has focused on brighter, crisper, and smaller. This trend has left us individually connected to unimaginable experiences but profoundly disconnected from the person sitting next to us. With “technology detox” and “disconnect to reconnect” concepts gaining traction, how far are...

3AxisData Changes Name to SigmaSense ®

Introduces Capacitive Imaging to replace switched capacitive touch controllers AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SigmaSense LLC (SigmaSense), today announced their name change from 3AxisData LLC, and has introduced their SigmaVision™ and TruePressure™ technologies, both of which utilize their new approach to Capacitive Imaging. The technology uses an...