Redefine Experiences


New class of high fidelity touch sensing

Eliminate long-standing unsolved touch system design compromises

The impossible is now possible. Both high performance & low power touch sensing, moisture and contaminate immune operations, noise abatement, thinner stacks, edge sensing, multi-channel sensing and sensor fusion.

SDC 100 capacitive touch controller

First truly fast interactive sensing, 55” – 100” displays

Deployed in LG-MRI newest interactive outdoor large-scale display, and named 2021 Display Component of the Year, the SDC 100 knocks down the barriers to interactive sensing on large digital signage.

  • Industry first to fully function in rain
  • Industry first kiosks working with thick gloves
  • Industry first 300Hz touch gaming monitor

SDC 200 capacitive touch controller

First high performance, low voltage solution for high impedance displays and foldables

Low power game speed sensing, with immunity to moisture and contaminates for industrial laptops, tablets, gameboards and digital signage. Make unpredictable touch experiences a thing of the past.

  • Normal 300Hz operations with gloves and in rain
  • Foldable and rollable displays, new form factors
  • Gameboards and gametables with object recognition

SDC 300 capacitive touch controller

Engaging early adoptors for new generation mobile devices

Touch enabled interactivity that tackles the barriers to thinner stacks and high capacitive loads with continuous, high impedance sensing delivering the promise of radically better experiences.

  • Thinnest foldables
  • Form factor innovations, notebooks, tablets, eReaders
  • Highest performance handheld gaming/accessories
  • New class of low EMI touch technology