SigmaSense® Launches Capacitive-Imaging® Technology for Large Interactive Display OEMs and Software Developers

Technology demonstration at Infocomm 2019 ushers in new high growth market opportunities for horizontal display use cases such as student desktops, restaurant tables, countertops, coffee tables, work-surfaces, kiosks and flex TVs


AUSTIN, Texas – June 11, 2019 SigmaSense® LLC, a pioneering market leader in Capacitive-Imaging technology, announces the industry’s first desktop interactive display that provides both touch and object imaging even when liquids or other contaminants are present on the screen surface. SigmaSense®’s technology overcomes the accuracy, resolution and functionality barriers when interactive displays are used in a horizontal table-top position.

Touch sensing on large horizontal displays up until now was not successful due to technical hurdles such as interference created by objects, liquids on the display surface or the environmental and system noise that was always present. SigmaSense®’s Capacitive-Imaging technology overcomes these limitations by providing an accurate, low latency image of the entire display surface. Liquids and a variety of objects on the surface are no longer barriers to the applications that desire a robust touch solution for use on horizontal surfaces. Now, interactive kitchen tables, coffee tables, workspace desks, game tables and classroom desks are feasible, delivering a more effective and responsive Human Machine Interface (HMI). This breakthrough capability is a boon to OEMs that target high growth and new market segments. This performance achievement is still another industry first in an ever-increasing list of Sigmasense® breakthroughs.

SigmaSense®’s Infocomm exhibit  (booth 3000) in Orlando Florida will also demonstrate a number of other industry milestones such as touch operation through thick and extremely durable cover glass and when wearing heavy winter gloves. Now, OEMs have the capability to provide robust, low latency display interaction at low power even with objects or liquids on the surface of the display.

“What interactivity did for the smart phone market, SigmaSense® will do for tabletops, student desktops, countertops, coffee tables, work-surfaces, white boards, flex TVs, mirrors, and even windows. Our Capacitive-Imaging technology provides the combination of capabilities that is truly a game changer for markets that have been waiting for the technology to catch up with their creativity,” said Rick Seger, CEO, SigmaSense®. “Capacitive touch innovations have been stagnant over the last decade providing only incremental improvements. Our Capacitive-Imaging technology breakthrough tears down barriers and enables new markets that were simply not possible before.”


Large Perceptive displays are bringing the next significant advance in user experiences

Capacitive-Imaging provides a streaming view of the screen surface, imaging pens, objects, and people who are touching or are in proximity to the display surface. SigmaSense® is enabling new use cases and user experiences, providing large amounts of data necessary to build the next generation of perceptive displays and finally fulfilling the demands of many high growth markets.  Restaurant tables and low latency game tables, for example, can now deliver reliable and predictable touch performance without lag, even with liquids or objects on the surface. Collaborative applications utilizing vast sensing data benefit from machine learning displays to enable these new experiences. Human engagement and connectedness are significantly improved with a perceptive interactive display to augment the experience.

Capacitive-Imaging will be exhibited at the Infocomm 2019 conference in Orlando, June 12th – 14th, booth 3000. Please join us and see firsthand these breakthroughs in action.


About SigmaSense® LLC

SigmaSense® LLC provides the first digital and fully-scalable sensing technology to solve the noise immunity and tuning challenges of traditional touch sensors. For the first time, a system can now use our DriveSense™ technology to both drive (stimulate) and receive (sample) sensing data at high speed simultaneously obtaining self-capacitance, mutual capacitance, and pen information from a single pin. Capacitive-Imaging® based upon DriveSense technology provides large amounts of data necessary to build the next generation of perceptive displays, finally fulfilling the demands of many high growth markets. SigmaSense® technology enables access to game-changing information ranging from mobile devices, to large format interactive displays and limitless custom sensing applications.