SigmaSense® Presenting at Innovation in Automotive Sensors Meeting

SigmaSense® recently attended a discussion of Innovation in Automotive Sensors hosted by the AutoTech Council. The AutoTech Council meets every year in June to review the latest startups and innovations in the sensors segment. New technology, new formats, and an exploding amount of data has made sensor innovation critical to the evolution of mobility, and this conference was a great opportunity to present Sigmasense® and to learn about the industry.

This ½ day event highlights vendors who are leading the pack in industry innovation, and brings together dozens of undiscovered companies to show off their work. The interactive format put forth by the AutoTech Council promotes relationships between member and nonmember companies, and gives each company space and time to display their work and demos.

SigmaSense® was invited to give a 5 minute pitch to promote the company and our tech.

This event was another great opportunity to interact with the leaders and innovators in our business, and we would like to thank the Autotech Council for the opportunity. Keep in touch with Sigmasense® for news on any upcoming future events.