Eliminate design constraints and performance limitations.
Unleash new user experiences that usher in the next generation of product possibilities.

Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones

Manufacturers of touch and pen-enabled consumer products such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and other popular devices will leverage our SigmaDrive® architecture to differentiate and extend their brands. The unpredictable performance of touch products in the field due to many environmental factors is now made predictable. The intermittent field failures and returns due to environmental effects on the touch screen are a major expense and now finally solved.

Large Format Interactive Displays and Gaming

Demands of the marketplace and usability expectations translate to extreme challenges for OEMs. This opens them to enormous opportunities. Table-top gaming is now possible, overcoming years of attempts where the technology was not up to the task. The current generation of solutions also falls short under many adverse environmental conditions, and the cost of driving large touch panels makes existing solutions too expensive. SigmaDrive® technology solves these problems.


The automotive shift to smart surfaces and widescreen interactive displays represents an unmatched opportunity to implement SigmaDrive® technology solutions. The ability to combine touch, hover with sensor fusion provides both cost effective and unsurpassed performance. Traditional HMI limitations are eliminated with SigmaSense®. Most importantly, the unpredictable performance of touch systems due to environmental factors is now made predictable. When the touch screen must not fail, regardless of environmental noise, the only solution is SigmaSense®.

This is more than just an incremental improvement in sensing capabilities. Let SigmaSense® unleash your product’s full potential.