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It's time to unlock ultra-realistic, scalable, environmentally resilient sensing capabilities in your technology

Consumer Devices

Manufacturers of touch and pen-enabled consumer products such as smart watches, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other popular devices will leverage our SigmaSense architecture to differentiate their brands. They in effect will become the first to market the next generation of human interaction capabilities using our digital sensing technology.

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Large Format Interactive Displays

Demands of the Marketplace and Usability expectations translate to extreme challenges for OEMs, and equally opens them up to enormous opportunity. The current generation of solutions falls short under many adverse environmental conditions, and the cost of driving large touch panels makes existing solutions too expensive. SigmaSense technology solves these problems.

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Custom Implementations

Product designs which were previously difficult or impossible to achieve are now possible with Capacitive Imaging. SigmaSense will ignite a movement in design flexibility that will traverse industries, environments, and traditional boundaries of machine interaction.

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This is more than just an incremental improvement in sensing capabilities. Join the SigmaSense succession in Capacitive Imaging.