Consumer Devices

Whether it’s a tablet, a laptop, smartphone or what have you, SigmaTouch offers an all-digital platform that can be used across all types of devices. One controller fits all.

Consumer devices today come in a wide range of shapes and sizes with a variety of performance requirements. SigmaSense offers the best sensor controller solutions for smart watches, smart phones, tablets, laptops and other products while not compromising performance and features. For touch solutions SigmaTouch has you covered. If you need a great pen experience, SigmaScribe offers a pen architecture with superior performance to competing solutions.

Capacitive Imaging: the future of sensing control

We’ve taken a completely fresh approach to sensing inputs from capacitive sensors

  • Scans like video, instead of a 2D scanner
  • All digital control
  • Uses SigmaSense Sigma-Delta technology

Mobile problems solved!

SigmaVision™ solves many problems that can significantly shorten Time-To-Market

  • Flexibility in routing and placement: eliminates problems with parasitics
  • Eliminates long tuning cycles
  • Efficient guard bands

Multi-functional controller

With SigmaSense, you only need one controller to perform all sensing functions within your system

  • Pen and Touch supported
  • One Controller for: track pad, additional touch buttons, sliders, joy sticks, dials, dynamic function key area
  • Perform multiple capacitive sensor functions: motion, presence, force, liquid measurement, temp, humidity

Chip set is common across all product lines

Use the same chip set within the same family of products or platform

  • No need to change interface or give up functions across display sizes
  • One controller technology provides – design reuse and device compatibility
  • One controller technology supports different display technologies (LCD, OLED, etc.)
  • One controller technology supports discrete, on-cell, and in-cell touch sensors
  • One controller technology supports all types of touch sensors (ITO, metal mesh, one-layer, two-layer, etc.)