Custom Implementations

Your competition is fierce and the need to differentiate has never been greater.

Bring us a challenge, and we can solve your sensing problems. SigmaSense can be utilized in seemingly impossible situations, and can be customized to perform to your specifications. No vertical market is too challenging for us!

We solve the hard problems

The most difficult design problems can be solved using SigmaSense, whether demanding environments such as high moisture, thick cover glass, high altitude or high temperatures.

  • No design and placement constraints
  • Touch system parastics no longer an issue
  • Eliminates long tuning cycles
  • Software adaptive to final system design.
  • Design resuse: use the same touch module across multiple platforms

Reduced cost and total cost of ownership

Lower your total cost of ownership with an efficient design process, simpler testing, lower cost components, and faster time to market

  • Smaller die for our all-digital approach means lower cost
  • Active pens supported at no added cost
  • Reduced pen BOM
  • Reduced engineering costs
  • Simplified power supply
  • Fewer design compromises to accommodate noise immunity

Opportunities across multiple markets

SigmaSense allows you to choose the one controller technology to serve all of your Capacitive Imaging needs

  • IoT world
  • Automotive
  • Appliance
  • TV/Large Interactive Displays
  • Computer
  • SmartPhone
  • Medical/Health
  • Fashion/Wearables
  • Marine
  • Industrial Controls
  • Military
  • Aviation