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Large Format Interactive Displays

Scaling the Wall

SigmaSense is the only Capacitive Imaging solution for Large Format Interactive Displays for high performance pen and touch.  We excel where other technologies fail. Highly scalable to very large sizes, SigmaSense offers both pen and touch solutions that perform well in demanding environments without sacrificing performance.

Go large with pen and touch

Scalability is a key benefit of SigmaSense

  • Support sizes up to 104 inches diagonal
  • Support high resistance sensor materials
  • Deliver highest quality optics
  • Deliver highest pen precision

Support for demanding environments

The most challenging product environments are covered with our Sigma-Delta design

  • Works through thick cover glass or materials
  • Works in adverse rugged environments
  • Works with gloves
  • Works in high noise environment

Active Pen support

TruePressure™: The Write pen

  • Create an experience that will feel more natural with TruePressureTM
  • Produce exact and accurate output with less lag
  • Use the same pen core design from wrist to wall applications
  • Use our pendular tip to enhance your pen performance

A cost effective solution

SigmaVision™ provides low cost with high performance, a way to differentiate your products from the rest of the pack

  • Leverage the same design across multiple platforms and sizes
  • Leverage simplified tuning and simplified design
  • Utilize low cost, high impedance, non-uniform sensors