Dr. Grant McGibney has 29 years of experience in research and development in multiple fields including: signal processing, digital hardware design, magnetic resonance imaging, wireless systems, machine vision, touch systems, and acoustics. He has been Director of Wireless Research at TRLabs, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Calgary, Manager of Image Processing at SMART Technologies, and Principal Scientist at Nureva. Notable projects that he has been involved with include: lead researcher in the development of a 150Mbit/s wireless LAN prototype that was a precursor to WiFi (TRLabs, 1992), lead researcher on a 1Gbit/s wireless LAN prototype (TRLabs, 2000), lead engineer in the 40-touch SMART Table 442i product (SMART, 2013), lead touch system engineer in the SMARTBoard 6000 series of products (SMART, 2014), and leader of both research and development teams of the HDL300 audio conferencing product (Nureva, 2017). He is a named inventor on 40 US patents and an author on 19 peer reviewed academic papers. He has taught graduate classes in multi-rate signal processing. Grant is a registered professional engineer.