John has 16+ years of experience in fields of Digital Signal Processing, Analog Electronics, Demodulation, Optical Interferometry, and advanced Mathematical Modeling.
John started his career at Toshiba designing analog and power electronics.  After a few years, made the move to Teledyne where he became involved in acoustic sensing and acquisition for oil field and military applications.  There he designed and developed acoustic sensors, towed arrays and low noise analog front end electronics.  There he acquired advanced knowledge of signal processing and military sonar systems.  He then made the transition to PGS where he was the head of Signal Processing.  His group was responsible for the design and delivery of an FPGA based demodulator for Phase Modulated Optical Interferometric systems.
John’s work in the field of mathematical splines for digital signal processing platforms is published in the proceedings of the IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Conference.
He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics from Texas A&M University.