Kevin Derichs has worked across numerous industries by supporting start-up efforts with Proof-Of-Concept designs for multiple companies. His expertise is in presenting original ideas through to fully functioning assemblies from POC to design, hardware, electrical and software development. He most recently was Senior Systems Architect & Fellow at UniPixel Displays, Inc. designing systems and test assemblies for flexographic printed electronics, metal mesh touch sensors, roll to roll manufacturing, optical microstructure design, MEMs TFT flat panel displays and drivers, 3D displays, planar waveguide LED lighting and fingerprint resistant films. He also performed design work for Unilectric LLC, an IoT and Home Energy Management technology company, and he was an Electronics Engineer and Board Member for Animal Innovations, Inc. where he designed and patented an automated injection syringe for the feedlot industry. Kevin holds numerous patents from his work at Unipixel, Unielectric, Animal Inovations and other companies.

Kevin also has worked in the medical and instrumentation industries, and has performed a variety of work on original prototype designs for many other companies including ESS Technology Inc., Evenflo Inc., Wayport Inc., Skywave and others.