SigmaSense at Digital Signage Expo

Experience Unprecedented Touch Display Technology Bringing Us Closer Together at the Digital Signage Expo

For decades, digital display technology has focused on brighter, crisper, and smaller. This trend has left us individually connected to unimaginable experiences but profoundly disconnected from the person sitting next to us. With “technology detox” and “disconnect to reconnect” concepts gaining traction, how far are people willing to go for connection—the human kind?

We know that people enjoy sharing, collaborating, and even competing in group interactions around large displays. We are social creatures, after all. We also know that in order to create technology-enabled communities producing the kind of authentic connection people crave, we need better solutions. An interactive digital table is one example. What happens above the display with human connectedness is more important than what happens on the display. But it can’t happen without a great interactive display augmenting the experience.

The next generation of interactive displays must not only be bigger, but they also need to be able to exist in different shapes, sizes, and contexts—ubiquitously. Interactive menus, digital game center tables in your living room, VR, and multisensory experience displays are becoming more common. In order to exist sustainably in these new spaces, interactive displays will have to be able to withstand the elements of heat, rain, and interfering noise without sacrificing performance. Most importantly, how we physically interact with  the display will need a complete overhaul as personal devices will be only one of many formats. displays of the future will have to handle multiple touch points simultaneously and on a large scale.

Moving forward with a Breakthrough in capacitive sensing technology

Capacitive sensing across large touch displays is one area in the touch display industry that’s proven immensely challenging. At SigmaSense® LLC, we have focused on Capacitive Imaging for touch displays, but our technology is a new method for Low Voltage Drive-Sense that will redefine perceptive sensing, high precision control, high-speed communications and much more. The technology simultaneously drives and senses without lag, through noisy environments, and the smallest changes in voltage, current, capacitance, resistance, and/or frequency.

With our technology, we have enabled the world’s first ITO touch sensor on an 86-inch display delivering high-performance touch sensing through 7mm thick cover glass, using gloves, and even through conductive liquid on the display, while reporting information from all rows and columns at 300 frames per second.

This technology is not only applicable to the display industry in nearly every market, but it also is a distinct improvement on traditional analog threshold-based scanning systems that dominate digital interfaces in the interactive display world. With our breakthrough technology, we are creating new, display-centered group experiences that will define interactive innovation for years to come.

Experience our Breakthrough for yourself at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas

We will be showcasing our groundbreaking technology at the Digital Signage Expo March 26-29, 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada. We are showing demos of our 32in and 86in displays with SigmaSense® touch technology in our partner LG-MRI’s booth (booth 1200). For a sneak peek ahead of the expo, check out demo videos of our 14in Capacitive Imaging – 300 fps / 20mhz Sample and our 55in Capacitive Imaging – 300 fps / 20mhz Sample.

The Digital Signage Expo brings together more than 4,000 digital signage users, systems integrators, distributors, installers, advertising and marketing professionals from 60 different countries. It’s one of the few international events fully dedicated to digital signage. Attendees can expect to experience all of the buzzworthy signage solutions that are transforming business communication, customer engagement, and brand experiences today.

Come immerse yourself in the next wave of digital and interactive display technology. We hope to see you at the event.