SigmaSense Showcases Industry First Interactive Experiences at SID Display Week 2022

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Interactive Scape and SigmaSense to Showcase the Future of Interactive Experiences at ISE 2022

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Empower Your Device

The days of voltage based threshold scanning are over, way over.

Add orders of magnitude signal-to-noise (SNR) improvement, high hover and presence detection to achieve the required next generation user experience

Multifrequency, concurrent, continuous, drive and sense on each channel

Sigma-Delta allows for unparalleled SNR and noise immunity

Concurrent drive and sensing together with simultaneous self and mutual touch

An Entirely New Way to Sense

True capacitive imaging – sensing all the touches

Drastically reduces manufacturing cost and customer total cost of ownership

Images entire display surface at 300 Hz

Unrivaled signal-to-noise ratio, over 1000 times better than existing solutions

Provides high fidelity data for AI based object detection

The most accurate and realistic digital writing experience yet

SigmaVision® and TruePressure® active inking sets a new benchmark for natural writing

Passive Stylus – Reliable passive pen support with 300Hz reporting

OpenPen® - Universal echo-back active pen standardize pen HID reporting

TruePressure™ - Advanced active pen offers natural writing with actual nib pressure and provides realistic digital calligraphy, various design artistry and note taking

SigmaHover® The next dimension in touchless interaction

Providing high hover for any size display

Finally, reliable non-touch interaction with the display is possible

Presence detection up to one meter

API provides hover information to enable gestures and interaction

Seamless transition from hover to touch – enabling perceptive machines

Ready. Set. Disrupt.

SigmaVision® capabilities enable game-changing marketplace disruption for OEMs and ODMs. Join us in leading the progression to perceptive machines.


Solving Hard Problems with SigmaSense®

Our advanced Sigma-Delta ADC eliminates design constraints such as routing limitations, tedious tuning, channel impedance matching and also delivers higher signal-to-noise, capacitive imaging and 300Hz reporting.

SigmaDrive® Architecture

SigmaDrive® has already delivered many notable industry firsts utilizing ultra-low voltage drive, high signal-to-noise, high fidelity data and capacitive imaging

SigmaVision® Architecture

All channels, all the time. Like comparing a fax machine to 4K video


Our superior SigmaHover® marks the dawn of a new era in touchless sensing.

Integration and Manufacturing

Our flexible sensing architecture can be software tuned, reducing the stack-up, mitigating parasitic capacitances, routing constraints and shortening the tuning cycles.

Do you have a difficult touch sensing
challenge that has you stuck?