The gateway between the physical and digital worlds

SigmaSense’s revolutionary, software-defined sensing technology converts analog signals into continuous, high SNR, ultra sensitive streams of digital-ready data to power the next generation of industry innovations.

Extract targeted, high fidelity information

Breakthrough sigma-delta architecture extracts high-resolution, high-accuracy data – even in noisy environments.

Accelerate design and innovation

Software-defined sensing reduces hardware constraints, offering flexible controls for faster iterations and improved decision-making.

Improve continuously

Streaming insights enable you to adapt to real-time information, learn continuously, and advance AI efficiencies.

Customer Spotlight

NXP and SigmaSense Design Solutions Previously Impossible

NXP licensed SigmaSense sensing technology to create high-performance sensing solutions.

“The next generation of smart devices and applications are demanding data for enhanced functionality that requires an entirely new software-programmable approach to sensing,” said Lars Reger, CTO, NXP Semiconductors. “SigmaSense created a breakthrough in sensing technology with an innovative approach that makes exciting new product designs possible. We are thrilled to team with SigmaSense to productize a new era of NXP solutions.”

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Advanced high-fidelity sensing transforms digital systems

Redefine interactive experiences

Create interactive experiences never before possible with SigmaSense. Our unique technology delivers extraordinary levels of sensing speed, accuracy, resolution, and noise immunity, opening the door to a new era of human-centered innovation powered by limitless touch and touch-less solutions, immersive experiences, and endless innovative applications.

Optimize battery performance

SigmaEIS for Batteries uses in-line Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy to continuously monitor and detect changes within the battery.  With in-line measurements, this innovative technology delivers continuous insights to transform battery quality, safety, and performance.

Our core technology transcends physical limitations

Our revolutionary technology directly measures current, overcoming noise and hardware limitations. This approach achieves ultra-fast report rates, higher sensitivity, and superior signal-to-noise ratios at minimal drive voltages, far outperforming today’s legacy sensing technologies.

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Breakthrough technology solves the toughest sensing challenges

  1. 1

    First gaming class touch controller w/ 600Hz reports

  2. 2

    Highest touch sensitivity - works with thick gloves

  3. 3

    First battery measurements sensing current direct-to-digital

  4. 4

    First to build fast, reliable touch into large displays

  5. 5

    First with screen-to-screen comms - “data thru touch”

  6. 6

    First low impedance BatteryEIS (<100mA)

  7. 7

    First to simultaneously transmit and receive on the same pin

SigmaSense ushers in new era of industry innovation

Innovation powered by visionary investors

SigmaSense is proud to have secured strong support from a diverse group of farsighted investors who share our passion for advancing sensing technologies.

Patented breakthroughs

Our technologies are protected by over 200 patents, covering more than 600 inventions, and spanning a range of applications, from touch displays to power regulation, batteries, electrification, data communication, medical, automotive and IoT applications.

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