Freed from the limits of legacy sensing hardware, product creators can redefine how people interact with adaptive devices.

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Current Direct-to-Digital Unleashes Software Defined Sensing

Departing from decades old industry methods, SigmaSense converts current direct-to-digital achieving levels of speed, accuracy, and noise immunity previously deemed impossible.

Fast, continuous, low voltage data capture with intelligent digital signal processing moves analog challenges to the digital domain where software defined sensing delivers orders of magnitude improvements.

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Redefine Design for
New Experiences

Rethink the Possibilities

High fidelity analog data previously impossible to capture creates innovative new dimensions for superior interactive HMI experiences.

Advance sensing from beyond touch to hover, biometrics, and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS). Pioneer a vast new world of sensing applications for intelligent interactions with the physical world.


Redefine Performance

A Universe of Previously Impossible Experiences

Massive amounts of physical world data to be processed by an explosion of intelligent connected devices and AI applications requires a new era of faster higher quality sensing data with programmable flexibility.

New Age for Mobile Interactive Sensing

Super-fast high sensitivity touch for OLEDs, rollables, foldables, rugged, polymer conductors & thinnest ever stacks.

What's New


Industrial Mobile Device Sensing: High Performance and Low Power in Adverse Conditions



SigmaSense Announces Technology Licensing and Co-development with NXP Semiconductors to Meet the Heightened Demands of Future Sensing Systems.


Direct-To-Digital, A Better Way To Sense The World


Learn how Software Defined Sensing transforms everything it touches.

Call for Product Creators

Working Together Redefining Impossible

Look at Sensing with Fresh Eyes and Better Ideas

Interested in evaluating how SigmaSense can add valuable experiences to your products? Have a difficult touch sensing challenge that limits your product innovation?