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Empower Your Device

The days of utilizing analog and mixed signal components for touch and pen ICs are over. Like, way over.

Our advanced Sigma-delta modulation will truly humanize the technology interface

The industry's first digital, scalable touch and pen ICs

Sigma-delta allows for unparalleled noise immunity through concurrent modality

Removes common mode noise and almost entirely eliminates parasitics

Single pin I/O for drive and sense functionality

An Entirely New Way to Sense

An Entirely New Way to Sense

Unifies the touch experience across entire product lines

Drastically reduces manufacturing costs and customer total cost of ownership

Eliminates long tuning cycles when you should be ramping production

Unrivaled signal-to-noise ratio, greater than -100dB noise floor

Highly scalable, from wrist-to-wall

The most accurate and realistic digital writing experience yet

SigmaVision™ and TruePressure™ active inking sets a new benchmark for natural writing

TruePressure™ communicates continuously while others must poll for information

Features TruePressure™ which includes z-pressure, axial pressure, barrel roll, button presses, ID and other functions

Natural writing allows for realistic digital calligraphy, various design artistry and note taking

The real world, only digital. This is Aperture IO

Simplify and digitize screen interactions using touch, pens, or other objects with SigmaSense architecture and ApertureIO.

Finally, create the intuitive user experiences that only digital can enable

The universal screen that accepts other devices and protocols

Unique object interfaces that will attract developers

An open API that welcomes creative adoption

Ready. Set. Disrupt.

SigmaSense Capacitive Imaging enables game-changing marketplace disruption for OEMs and ODMs. Join us in leading the progression to perceptive machines.


Solving Hard Problems with SigmaSense

Our advanced sigma-delta modulation unlocks performance and features far exceeding capabilities of the popular switched capacitive and scan based touch solutions.

Signal Processing Architecture

SigmaSense Architectures open the door to concurrent modality and simplified tuning, industry firsts.

Capacitive Imaging

All channels…all the time. We are 4K video to their fax machine.

Flexible Design

Our superior digital drive marks the dawn of a new era in design flexibility for Human Factors and Interface Engineers of all types.

Integration and Manufacturing

Our flexible architecture uses greatly simplified software tuning, reducing the stack-up, mitigating parasitic capacitances, and shortening the tuning cycles.

What if you could use one touch and pen controller for any platform, screen, or sensor?