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Next Generation Interactive Displays

Continuous, high impedance sensing delivers radically improved experiences

SigmaDrive® SDC300

Touch and touch-less enabled interactivity that overcomes the barriers of thinner stacks and high capacitive loads with continuous, high impedance sensing. Achieves higher sensitivity, ultra-fast report rates, and superior signal-to-noise ratios at minimal drive voltages across a range of display types, forms and factors.

Key Features

This novel, self-biased simultaneous drive and sense implementation encompasses all 4 primary analog and digital functions (AFE, ADC, DAC, and DSP) integrated into each channel, on a single pin.


Global shutter, capacitive imaging at high performance report rates. AI and machine learning applications benefit from access to high-fidelity information with a high frame rate for reporting. 


Active pen with two buttons, 1024 to 4096 pressure levels, and support for up to four pens. Continuous sensing allows active pen and touch sensing simultaneously without time-domain multiplexing.

Product Development

SigmaDrive architecture operates continuously on all channels, reducing the impact of system timing constraints. This not only boosts performance but also simplifies sensor design, eliminating the need for uniform impedance sensors and equal-length traces. 

Powering the future of display performance

Create radically improved interactive experiences

This unique technology delivers extraordinary levels of sensing speed, accuracy, resolution, and noise immunity, opening the door to a new era of human-centered innovation powered by limitless touch and touch-less solutions, immersive experiences, and endless innovative applications.

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Breakthrough Sensing Technology and Unimaginable Experiences

Our high-fidelity touch sensing technology eliminates longstanding, unsolved touch system design compromises. Watch a demonstration of our technology.


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