Overcome 20 years of technology and design constraints and fuel new innovation

Experience mobile-like touch on large displays and kiosks with SigmaSense’s cutting-edge current-mode sensing. This innovative technology delivers lightning-fast 300Hz touch reports on screens from 32 to 100 inches, enabling you to reimagine experiences from classrooms to conference rooms and beyond.

Customer Spotlight

Surpass large display limitations

SigmaSense can deliver ultra-fast experiences on large displays in any weather and through thick material.

“The SDC100 is the only large format display touch controller that works with or without gloved hands in any combination of outdoor environments: rain, snow, direct sun or shade.”
Bill Dunn – CEO, LG-MRI

Watch LG-MRI’s most advanced outdoor touch display

Industrial / Rugged Displays

Superior touch for the harshest environmental conditions

Our unique sensing technology supports extreme outdoor conditions, including harsh temperatures, extreme moisture, and even works through thick gloves. Software- defined, SigmaSense delivers flexibility, reliability, and consistency in complex settings.

Learning Displays

Transform learning with seamless, interactive collaboration

With innovative, accurate, multi-user touch, SigmaSense transforms classrooms into dynamic spaces where students and educators can effortlessly interact with content, and each other. From interactive whiteboards to digital displays, our touch, active pen and passive stylist technology empowers educators and students, redefining  teaching methods and unlocking potential.


Unleash the World's Fastest Multiplayer Gameboard Experiences

Elevate gaming to new heights with precise touch, dynamic noise mitigation, and ultra-fast interactivity. Enable multi-user touch, player and object ID on displays over 100″. Re- imagine gaming experiences in casinos, hospitality, entertainment centers and more.

Product Demo

SigmaSense & Interactive Scape deliver previously impossible multi-user experiences

Develop new interactive sensing and AI-enabled experiences
By integrating SigmaSense’s high-speed, high-resolution, high-fidelity multi-touch sensing with Interactive Scape’s pioneering AI object detection, together we were able to create the world’s first high-performance interactive tabletop experience.


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