Deliver flawless outdoor interactivity, even in extreme environments

SigmaSense technology enables flawless touch experiences in the most challenging environments, including rain, sleet, snow – even through heavy gloves and 13mm thick glass – across a range of large displays and mobile devices. Experience the remarkable performance of SigmaSense.

Industrial / Rugged for Large Displays and Kiosks

Deliver perfect touch experiences on large outdoor displays

Ensure an exceptional interactive experience in any environment with SigmaSense.

Our unique sensing technology enables you to power large displays at high-speed touch report rates in extreme weather and through desnse material, like gloves and glass. 

Industrial / Rugged for Mobile Devices

Up-level industrial mobile devices with high reliability

SigmaSense reinvents touch technology for industrial mobile device displays ranging in size from 6-to-18 inches. Our innovative approach delivers robust performance with low power and automatic, NoUser-mode switching, ensuring consistent and reliable touch capabilities in extreme weather and through thick material. Enjoy the benefits of thinner stackups across mobile device types, as well as the ability to easily integrate multiple sensors, sliders, buttons, pen or stylist.

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