Advanced sensing delivers startling functionality and versatility

Unleash a new gaming era with SigmaSense’s lightning-fast, ultra-responsive sensing technology. Enjoy smooth graphics for touch gaming on gameboards, tables, consoles, and mobile devices.

Our unique approach offers low latency, high fidelity, ultra-low voltage, and superior signal-to-noise performance, enabling unprecedented multi-user touch and object ID on displays over 100″. Redefine gaming in casinos, classrooms, entertainment centers, and beyond.

Gaming for Large Displays

Unleash the World's Fastest Multiplayer Gameboard Experiences

Elevate gaming to new heights with precise touch, dynamic noise mitigation, and ultra-fast interactivity. Enable multi-user touch and player and object ID on large displays. Re- imagine gaming experiences in casinos, hospitality, entertainment centers and more.

Gaming for Mobile Devices

Change the game with high-speed interactions on mobile gaming devices

By delivering ultra-fast, highly responsive experiences, SigmaSense ushers in the new era of hyperrealism in gaming. From the front of the device to the edges and even the backside, our instantaneous real-time dynamic noise mitigation ensures superior interactive experiences. Enjoy fast, fluid graphics for touch-enabled gaming interactions on phones, game consoles, and tablets.

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