Advanced sensing technology makes bumper to bumper interactivity a reality

Advanced sensing technology makes bumper-to-bumper interactivity a reality

SigmaSense’s innovative sensing technology can digitize the entire vehicle from mechanical functions to immersive experiences. Imagine the next-generation vehicle with bumper-to-bumper digital interactivity for door locks, tires, batteries, engine controls, and more. Experience new levels of interactive speed, accuracy, low power consumption, and noise mitigation. And with programmable, software-defined flexibility, developers can create experiences that redefine the way drivers and passengers interact with their vehicles.

SigmaSense for BatteryEIS™

Enables real-time measurement of battery behavior and performance

SigmaSense for BatteryEIS is an innovative technology that dramatically improves battery design, manufacturing and management. By continuously monitoring the complex impedance changes within batteries, SigmaSenseEIS provides real-time measurements that inform and improve battery quality, safety, and performance.


Unlock personalized experiences with multi-user touch ID

Experience the power of SigmaSense multi-user touch ID, a breakthrough capability that detects and recognizes individual users within a vehicle cockpit. This technology effortlessly differentiates between drivers and passengers to maximize safety, while delivering exceptional, personalized user experiences.

Pillar-to-Pillar Sensing

Explore pillar-to-pillar sensing innovations

SigmaSense breaks barriers with its unique capability to drive high impedance loads at low voltages, making long-line sensing a reality. This enables a single sensor and remotely-placed touch control device to seamlessly process data from multiple sensing locations simultaneously. Once considered impossible, this achievement opens the door to enhanced sensing capabilities and innovative applications.

Sensor Fusion & Channel Sharing

Seamlessly integrate multiple sensing functions into one intuitive solution

With SigmaSense’s software-defined approach, developers can design seamless experiences using touch displays, buttons, sliders, dials, and mechanical switches, both inside and outside the vehicle. Channels are programmable, adaptable, and reusable, ensuring an efficient experience that puts users in control. 

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