Introducing game changing sensing technology

SigmaDrive® Technology

SigmaDrive® technology solves the challenging noise, routing and tuning issues designers face today.

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SigmaVision® Capacitive Imaging

SigmaVision® is the first capacitive imaging technology that detects objects on or near the display surface. The entire screen is driven and sensed simultaneously at low voltage and reported at 300 Hz for an unprecedented user experience.

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SigmaHover® provides high hover information, presence detection and multidimensional imaging data at data rates faster than typical video streams.

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SigmaDrive® provides orders of magnitude improvement in signal-to-noise ratios for touch sensing designs.

Introducing Flexible Pen Options

Imagine a touch sensor so sensitive that it can detect and report passive stylus at 300 Hz. The OpenPen® echo-back option provides an active stylus that operates on any touch sensor and adds the capability to provide HID reports as a pen instead of as a touch. SigmaDrive® technology supports 300Hz HID reporting with OpenPen® devices. The ultimate pen technology is TruePressure™ pen which senses pen pressure orthogonal to the touch screen as opposed to pen axial pressure. This provides a much improved user experience for the content creators. Of course, HID reporting is at 300Hz as you would expect.