New technology supercharges sensing power

Measuring current mode direct-to-digital in the frequency domain changes the game

The SigmaSense Difference

SigmaSense’s software-defined sensing technology propels digital sensing to new heights, delivering unmatched speed and accuracy for information sensing and insights. Its continuous, real-time stream of digital information meets the complex demands of AI, powering the next generation of interactive solutions and experiences.

Today’s Sensing Technology

Analog timing constraints negatively impact digital performance.

Today’s Sensing Technology

Noise interference generates poor signal-to- noise ratio resulting in poor quality information.

Today’s Sensing Technology

Analog signal conditioning limits improvements to signal to noise ratio.

Today’s Sensing Technology

Analog hardware requires long development cycles and few software control options.

The SigmaSense Difference

Concurrent, ultra-fast digital performance fuels AI and ML.

The SigmaSense Difference

Closed-loop drive and sense enables active noise mitigation, delivering improved sensitivity and generating high-quality, high-fidelity information.

The SigmaSense Difference

Self-biased signals eliminate the need for signal conditioning, enabling faster, more accurate, and higher-performance sensing.

The SigmaSense Difference

90%+ digital architecture dramatically accelerates design iterations, innovation and continuous product improvement.

Continuous real-time data capture cuts through the noise

The foundation of SigmaSense’s software-defined sensing technology is our highly modified sigma-delta system that uniquely, precisely and continuously measures current direct-to-digital in the frequency domain. This significant advancement enables systems to sense any impedance change, even in low signal-to-noise environments. Learn more.

Removes time constraints by operating within the frequency domain

Utilizing frequencies instead of a voltage domain ensures optimal signal quality, enabling systems to operate with heightened efficiency and accuracy.

Increased functionality and higher signal-to-noise with multi-modality

Simultaneous drive and sense technology offers single-pin per channel functionality, boosting versatility and efficiency, and eliminates the need for multiplexing.

Higher bit resolution with current mode direct-to-digital

Direct-to-digital continually adjusts and measures the complex micro-impedance changes to deliver high sensitivity and a very low noise floor.

Enhance design flexibility with closed-loop technology

Closed-loop, self-biased architecture with narrow band filtering eliminates the need for system impedance balancing, simplifying sensor measurements.

Key Capabilities

These proprietary features deliver ultra-fast reporting, high sensitivity, and superior signal-to-noise ratios, all with minimal system drive voltages compared to legacy technologies.

Direct-to-digital is the best way to sense the world

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Unprecedented sensitivity removes common barriers

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Software-defined sensing technology to unleash innovation

Redefine interactive experiences

SigmaSense for Interactive Displays transforms how users engage with digital content, offering seamless touch and touch-less interactions, precise gesture recognition, and ultra-fast, multi-user, multi-touch capabilities. From mobile devices to automotive to wearables, our interactive technology captivates and inspires.

Optimize battery performance

SigmaSense for BatteryEIS™ detects complex impedance changes within the electrochemical composition of batteries. With real-time monitoring and measurement capabilities, this innovative technology delivers continuous insights to transform battery quality, safety, and performance.

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