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Introducing the next evolution in machine sensing solutions.

Sigma-delta Architecture

SigmaSense provides the first digital and fully-scalable sensing technology to solve the noise immunity and tuning challenges of traditional touch sensors.

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SigmaVision™ Controller

SigmaVision™ is the first sensing technology that is display and sensor independent, with features and performance to disrupt markets. The age of SigmaSenses starts now.

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TruePressure™ Pen

The TruePressure™ active pen, featuring TruePressure, has significant advantages over current digital writing that includes true angular pressure, tilt, barrel roll and precision.

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SigmaVision™ delivers unprecedented sensitivity in difficult environments.

Introducing Aperture IO

Imagine a universal screen that can interpret multiple protocols to simplify and digitize interaction with displays using touch, pens, or other objects. Imagine an open API that allows multiple devices to work harmoniously together. Now imagine a fully scalable platform with programmable interactions, objects functioning with screens just as they would in the real world, only better. Welcome to the world of Aperture IO.