Bridge the analog and digital worlds like never before.

Current direct to digital.

SigmaSense invented measurement of current direct-to-digital. The impact is radical. High performance, low power consumption, high channel count, and small die area for lower cost. Now products can be designed to sense any impedance change using very low voltage, even in the presence of high impedance/high noise environments.

High Sensitivity = Superior Experiences

High fidelity data captured out of high impedance, high noise

Operating in the frequency domain delivers high sensitivity creating a new industry benchmark. The result of high speed (300-600hz) at ultra-low voltages (less than 1v) capturing 1000x more high resolution data that is then managed by programmable software to create superior experiences.

Never before combination of ultra-low voltage & high speed

Continuous real-time data capture slicing through the noise

Sensing current direct-to-digital makes possible operation with ultra-low voltage enabling continuous real-time operation. Continuous digital data in turn enables dynamic noise mitigation resulting in an astounding >100x improvement in signal to noise ratio (SNR), diminishing the long-standing design tradeoffs between speed, noise and accuracy.

SigmaDrive Simplified Flow Block Diagram

Unprecedented Sensitivity removes barriers

Higher speeds, resolution & data fidelity

Superior user experiences are enabled by superior data and information that is heavily dependent on signal to noise ratio. SigmaSense ability to operate in noisy environments with high sensitivity performing dynamic noise mitigation in real-time opens the door to new features and interactions.

Software Defined Sensing is Here

Efficient and flexible system level design

Continuous real-time data enables software defined sensing with all the benefits of a flexible, programmable system. Freed from the severe compromises required by the fixed, single purpose channel limitations of legacy hardware centric solutions, designers can create more optimized experiences, such as lower power where needed, multiple functions on different channels and individual channel re-use.

Traditional Voltage-Mode Sensing vs SigmaSense Current-Mode Sensing

Enabling Advanced Conductive Materials

High resistance conductors

Sigmasense leads the industry operating with high resistance conductors that enable use of lower cost and flexible materials. These include flexible polymer conductors, which offer better optics, lower cost, more design flexibility, architectural efficiency, and improved noise immunity. This makes possible a range of innovations including large fast displays, elastromeric foldable display designs, and new biosensing wearables.

SigmaDrive Simplified Flow Block Diagram
Signal to Noise
Traditional Voltage-Mode Sensing vs SigmaSense Current-Mode Sensing