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Our Company

SigmaSense will lead the transition to more productive, efficient and meaningful interactions between humans and perceptive machines.

The Evolution of Interaction

SigmaSense LLC provides the first digital and fully-scalable sensing technology to solve the noise immunity and tuning challenges of traditional touch sensors. Our SigmaVision™ Controller utilizes a breakthrough in Capacitive Imaging to concurrently transmit and receive for self capacitance, mutual capacitance, and pen from a single pin. The unique approach to Capacitive Imaging has the potential to affect positive disruption across many industries where intuitive machine interfaces will decide the winners. SigmaSense technology enables access to game-changing information about interactions with mobile devices, large format interactive displays, and limitless custom sensing applications.

Join us in pioneering the next evolutionary progression of perceptive machines.

Empower Your Device

The days of long tuning cycles and shifting performance based on environment for touch are over. Like, way over.

Our advanced Sigma-delta modulation will truly humanize the technology interface

The industry's first digital, scalable touch and pen ICs

Sigma-delta allows for unparalleled noise immunity through concurrent modality

Removes common mode noise and almost entirely eliminates parasitics

Single pin I/O for drive and sense functionality

An Entirely New Way to Sense

Continuous Capacitive Imaging of the full screen

Continuous transmit and receive (no scanning)

Concurrent Self, Mutual, and Pen on each channel

Support for high impedance sensors

Pens that actually sense TruePressureTM

The most accurate and realistic digital writing experience yet

SigmaVision™ and TruePressure™ with TruePressureTM sets a new benchmark for natural writing

Features include TruePressureTM, axial pressure, barrel roll, button presses, ID and other functions

Natural writing allows for realistic digital calligraphy, creative design artistry and note taking

The real world, only digital. This is Aperture IO

Simplify and digitize screen interactions using touch, pens, or other objects with SigmaSense and ApertureIO.

The universal screen that can see and communicate with other devices

Creative objects interact with the screen creating opportunities for 3rd party developers

An open API that welcomes innovative devices and applications

Project Methodology

Our standard project flow is built on four pillars to maximize returns on your investment.


Product Concept Capture

SigmaSense team members are experts in consumer products contributing ideas and innovation to customer solutions.


User Experience Design

The user experience must come first. Our team has been developing hardware for decades to solve interaction problems.


Exceptional Quality Assurance

In the consumer products realm, reliability is paramount. We have a proficient team to assure device compliance for OEMs.


Global Logistics Dexterity

Today's world is filled with supply chain complexity. Our team works closely with partners to remove delivery challenges.

Two big advantages: Cost and TCO.

SigmaSense technologies leverage digital processes and add a new level of flexibility to design and ownership. Not only are SigmaVision™ components ideal for cost sensitive markets they also reduce customer’s total cost of ownership.

We’re currently looking to partner with OEMs and ODMs interested in setting a new standard by integrating our technologies into their flagship devices.