Our Company

SigmaSense® is leading the transition to more productive, efficient and meaningful interactions between humans and perceptive machines.

The Evolution of Interaction

SigmaSense®, the global leader in touch sensing performance, is ushering in the next generation of user experiences to a wide range of products. SigmaDrive® a unique current mode Sigma-Delta technology is providing from 100 to 1000 times superior signal-to-noise (SNR) capability compared to the industry today. Each touch sensor channel has a dedicated Sigma-Delta modulator that is concurrently driven and sensed using a digital narrow band filter. An extremely high SNR is achieved at higher speeds, even while using an ultra-low drive voltage. SigmaVision® capacitive imaging technology further extends the user experience by providing superior touchless interactive experiences for displays. This enables a new generation of perceptive devices that are more responsive and engaging.

Empower Your Device

The days of voltage based threshold scanning are over, way over.

Add orders of magnitude signal-to-noise (SNR) improvement, high hover and presence detection to achieve the required next generation user experience

Multifrequency, concurrent, continuous, drive and sense on each channel

Sigma Delta allows for unparalleled SNR and noise immunity

Concurrent drive and sensing together with simultaneous self and mutual touch

An Entirely New Way to Sense

True capacitive imaging – sensing all the touches

Drastically reduces manufacturing cost and customer total cost of ownership

Images entire display surface at 300 Hz

Unrivaled signal-to-noise ratio, over 1000 times better than existing solutions

Provides high fidelity data for AI based object detection

The most accurate and realistic digital writing experience yet

SigmaVision® and TruePressure® active inking sets a new benchmark for natural writing

Passive Stylus – Reliable passive pen support with 300Hz reporting

OpenPen® - Universal echo-back active pen standardize pen HID reporting

TruePressure™ - Advanced active pen offers natural writing with actual nib pressure and provides realistic digital calligraphy, various design artistry and note taking

SigmaHover® The next dimension in touchless interaction

Providing high hover for any size display

Finally, reliable non-touch interaction with the display is possible

Presence detection up to one meter

API provides hover information to enable gestures and interaction

Seamless transition from hover to touch – enabling perceptive machines

This is more than just an incremental improvement in sensing capabilities. Let SigmaSense® unleash your product’s full potential.