Shenzhen, China, 19 October 2021 – Breakthrough flexible 3D touch sensors will be introduced at the globally recognized trade show for display makers, C-Touch & Display at the Heraeus booth (Hall 1 K01) in the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre. Visit us there from 19 to 21 October 2021.

In-mold electronics (IME) have become increasingly popular and mature. Still, most prototypes and applications focused on touch-sensitive surfaces that are not optically clear transparent and thus unsuitable to combine with a display. This year Heraeus, Nanobit, and SigmaSense have overcome this limitation: a transparent, crystal clear capacitive touch sensor, thermoformed into a half-sphere. Two design prototypes will be highlighted at C-Touch 2021: one mounted on a display and another on a mini-LED array. Displays are no longer limited to being simply flat, curved, or bent. Manufacturers can now expand and explore the possibilities with 3D to create human machine interfaces (HMI) with new form factors and designs of virtually any shape to satisfy the creativity and needs of the designers. Automotive interiors and home appliances are promising applications for the new generation of 3D optically clear touch sensors.

The conductive polymers Clevios™ PEDOT:PSS by Heraeus combine all attractive properties for capacitive touch sensors. Touch sensor electrodes can be directly screen-printed or patterned from film rolls that are wet-coated from solution by economic processes. High conductivity and light transmission with perfect clarity and low light reflection are the key features of Clevios. Being organic and polymeric in nature, Clevios™ coatings exhibit high mechanical flexibility and allow for curved or bent designs as well as foldable touch sensors which has been demonstrated during past C-Touch shows. But Clevios™ can do much more than other transparent conductors: thermoforming and stretching while maintaining superior optoelectrical properties.

SigmaSense transformed digital sensing technology introducing a new sensing platform software defined sensing (SDS). SigmaDrive® current mode sensing uses ultra-low voltage signals with many different frequencies, which it sends and listens to on rows and columns simultaneously. The low voltage sensing technology is noise tolerant and eliminates the RC timing constraints that exist with alternatives. SigmaSense controllers enable the use of Heraeus’ Clevios™ conductive polymer technology across the full range of sensor sizes and shapes, including 3D optically clear sensor designs. This industry breakthrough will enable a wide range of human machine interface (HMI) advances revolutionizing devices.

SigmaDrive touch controllers deliver 100-1000X better signal-to-noise per volt compared to voltage threshold mode alternatives. Continuous sensing on each reprogrammable channel provides the big data enabling software defined sensing and provides high fidelity data for AI processing and machine learning applications. This ushers in a host of new features including, high hover non-touch interactive devices, presence detection while providing operation with thick winter gloves, or touch through water.

About Heraeus
Heraeus, the technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a leading international family-owned portfolio company. The company’s roots go back to a family pharmacy started in 1660. Today, the Heraeus group includes businesses in the environmental, electronics, health and industrial applications sectors. Customers benefit from innovative technologies and solutions based on broad materials expertise and technological leadership.
In the 2020 financial year, the FORTUNE Global 500 listed group generated revenues of €31.5 billion with approximately 14,800 employees in 40 countries. Heraeus is one of the top 10 family-owned companies in Germany and holds a leading position in its global markets.

About Heraeus Epurio
Heraeus Epurio is the technology and market leader in essential materials for capacitor, display, and photoresist applications, producing CleviosTM, the pioneering standard for conductive polymers with over 30 years of demonstrated success; and ultra-pure specialty chemicals, which are a critical component in the semiconductor industry.

About Nanobit
Nanobit, established in 2013, is an innovator in nanomaterials application technology, including Carbon Nanotube & PEDOT Transparent Conductive Film solutions, Touch Screen Module (3D forming & 2.5D Curve Application), and 3rd Generation Photovoltaic Solution (OPV &PSC).
Nanobit’s core technologies cover nanomaterials application, manufacturing processes,  touch display, and photovoltaic modules.

About SigmaSense
SigmaSense, the global leader in touch sensing performance, is bringing the best user experiences to products ranging from mobile phones and laptops to large monitors and digital signage. We are pioneering a comprehensive sensing technology that delivers 100 to 1000 times improved signal-to-noise performance that was previously not possible. SigmaVision™ capacitive imaging technology provides touch, pressure and object detection to the sensing surface, enabling a new generation of perceptive devices that are interactive and engaging. SigmaHover™ provides a superior touchless experience for public displays as well as any other device that uses touch sensors. Headquartered in Austin, TX, SigmaSense provides semiconductor products with development tools and support. For further information, please visit

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Heraeus、Nanobit 和 SigmaSense 通过光学级的触控感应器在 3D 显示领域实现技术飞跃
中国深圳,2021 年 10 月 19 日——突破性的柔性 3D 触控传感器将在全球公认的显示器制造商贸易展 C-Touch & Display 上推出,该展会在深圳会展中心的 Heraeus 展位(1 号馆 K01)举行。 请于 2021 年 10 月 19 日至 21 日来展位参观。
模塑电子设备 (IME) 已经变得越来越流行和成熟。但是,大多数原型和应用仍然集中在光学上不透明的接触表面上,因此不适合与显示器结合。 今年 Heraeus、Nanobit 和 SigmaSense 克服了这一限制:透明、晶莹剔透的电容式触控传感器,热成型为半球。 C-Touch 2021 将重点展示两种设计原型:一种安装在显示器上,另一种安装在 mini-LED 阵列上。 显示器不再局限于平面、弯曲或挠折。 制造商现在可以扩展和探索 3D 的可能性,以创建具有新外形和几乎任何形状的设计的人机界面 (HMI),以满足设计师的创造力和需求。 汽车内饰以及家用电器是新一代 3D 光学透明触控传感器的有前途的应用。
Heraeus 的导电聚合物 Clevios™ PEDOT:PSS 结合了电容式触控传感器的所有吸引人的特性。 触控传感器电极可以直接丝网印刷或从薄膜卷上形成图案,此薄膜卷是以较经济的溶液湿式涂佈方式所制作的。 高导电性和透光性、完美的清晰度和低光反射是 Clevios 的主要特点。 Clevios™ 涂层本质上是有机和聚合物,具有很高的机械柔韧性,允许弯曲或挠折设计以及在过去的 C-Touch 展会中展示的可折迭触控传感器。 但是 Clevios™ 可以比其他透明导体做更多的事情:热成型和拉伸,同时保持卓越的光电特性。
SigmaSense 转变了数字传感技术,引入了新的传感平台软件定义传感 (SDS)。 SigmaDrive® 电流模式感测使用具有许多不同频率的超低电压信号,它同时在行和列上发送和侦测这些信号。 低电压传感技术具有抗噪能力,消除了替代方案中存在的 RC 时序限制。 SigmaSense 控制器支持在各种传感器尺寸和形状(包括 3D 光学透明传感器设计)中使用 Heraeus 的 Clevios™ 导电聚合物技术。 这一行业突破将使广泛的人机界面 (HMI) 进步,彻底改变设备。
与电压阈值模式替代方案相比,SigmaDrive 触摸控制器的每伏信噪比提高了 100-1000 倍。 每个可重新编程通道上的连续传感提供支持软件定义传感的大数据,并为 AI 处理和机器学习应用程序提供高保真数据。 这带来了许多新功能,包括高阶悬浮非触摸交互设备、存在检测,同时提供厚厚的冬季手套操作或通过水触摸。

贺利氏科技集团总部位于德国哈瑙市,是一家全球领先的家族投资企业。公司在 1660 年从一 间小药房起家。如今,贺利氏集团的业务涵盖环保、电子、健康和工业应用等领域。通过广泛 的专业材料知识和具有技术领先性的解决方案为客户提供高质量的产品和服务。 2020 年财年,贺利氏的总销售收入为 315 亿欧元,在 40 个国家拥有 14800 名员工,名列《财 富》“世界五百强”。贺利氏被评选为“德国家族企业十强”,在全球市场上占据领导地位。
关于贺利氏 GBU
Heraeus Epurio 是电容器、显示器和光刻胶应用基本材料的技术和市场领导者,生产 CleviosTM,这是导电聚合物的开创性标准,已取得 30 多年的成功; 和超纯特种化学品,它们是半导体行业的关键组成部分。
SigmaSense 是触控感应性能的全球领导者,正在为从手机和笔记本电脑到大型显示器和数字标牌的产品带来最佳的用户体验。 我们开创了一种综合传感技术,可将以前无法实现的信噪比性能提高 100 到 1000 倍。 SigmaVision™ 电容成像技术为传感表面提供触摸、压力和物体检测,从而实现具有交互性和吸引力的新一代感知设备。 SigmaHover™ 为公共显示器以及任何其他使用触控传感器的设备提供卓越的非接触式体验。 SigmaSense 总部位于德克萨斯州奥斯汀,为半导体产品提供开发工具和支持。 如需更多信息,请访问。
Mingming ‘James’ Yang
+86 21 3357-5069
Jerry Huang

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