Company extends sales and support operations in Korea with the addition of WPG Korea

SigmaSense®, a performance market leader in touch sensing, today announced expansion sales plans by teaming up with WPG for increased sales and support in Korea. WPG Korea is a member of WPG Holdings, the largest electronics distributor in Asia.

SigmaSense®’s SigmaDrive® sensing technology provides interactive displays with performance and capabilities previously thought unobtainable by the industry.  These industry first performance breakthroughs enable OEMs to meet the increasing market demand for new collaborative experiences.  For example, non-touch interaction is now possible for large interactive displays. WPG Korea will engage manufactures in Korea expanding design and support resources for SigmaSense® products.

“WPG Korea is engaging companies that can drive forward solutions for interactive user interfaces and the internet of things markets. In these markets, SigmaSense®’s interactive touch system work reliably and provide concurrency,” said Mr. CP Kwak, President, WPG Korea. “We believe SigmaSense®’s very innovative SigmaDrive® technology will play a key role in interactive user advancements in the industry. We want to participate in that growth.”

“What interactivity did for the smart phone market, SigmaSense® will do for tabletops, work-surfaces and desktops, white boards and even multifunction TVs. WPG Korea is , Asia’s largest semiconductor components operation, and a key part of our expansion strategy in Korea,” said Steve Sedaker, CMO, SigmaSense®. “We can now provide the type of excellent service and support that our Korean customers will appreciate”.

About SigmaSense®

SigmaSense®, the global leader in touch sensing performance, is changing the world of traditional analog sensing solutions with a new advanced digital approach. We are pioneering a comprehensive sensing technology that delivers an order of magnitude improved performance that was previously not possible. SigmaVision® capacitive imaging technology provides both touch and object detection on or in proximity to the sensing surface, thus enabling a new generation of perceptive devices that are interactive and engaging. Products that utilize sensing surfaces ranging in size from small wearables to surfaces larger than 100 inches can now adopt a superior sensing experience that reduces costs and lowers design risk. Headquartered in Austin, TX, SigmaSense® provides semiconductor products with development tools and support.

About WPG Holdings

WPG Holdings is Asia’s No. 1 distributor of semi-conductor components, headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan (TSE:3702).  WPG is operating through four leading semiconductor components distributors (WPIg, SACg, AITg, and YOSUNg) serves as a franchise partner for about 250 worldwide suppliers. With 5,000 staff in about 104 sales offices around the world, such as Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Korea, and North America.

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