SigmaSense for BatteryEIS(™) software-defined microchip delivers continuous in-situ impedance data, enabling developers to enhance battery performance and safety

AUSTIN, TX – September 12, 2023SigmaSense, the global leader in software-defined sensing semiconductor technology, today announced a new semiconductor and analytics solution that uses electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) to enable real-time, in-situ, and high-throughput measurement of battery impedance. This breakthrough technology generates valuable insights into battery behavior and performance that can be used to improve battery quality, safety, performance, and longevity. 

Batteries are complex electrochemical systems, and building better batteries to power our increasingly electrified world requires the development of efficient and accurate measurement techniques. SigmaSense for BatteryEIS advances battery measurement methods by bringing the advantages of EIS battery characterization out of the laboratory and into the real world, providing a cost-effective and scalable solution for researchers, designers, manufacturers, ODMs and OEMs across the battery value chain.   

“Being able to continuously measure the electrochemical processes of batteries in real time will generate innumerable insights that will definitively impact how batteries are designed, manufactured, managed, and recycled,” said Dr. Gerald Morrison, CTO  at SigmaSense. “This technology moves us significantly closer to creating a more efficient and sustainable energy source to power our collective future.”

The University of Texas Cockrell School of Engineering is collaborating with SigmaSense to conduct additional research on its EIS solution. 

“This is a major advancement in battery sensing technology,” said Professor Venkat Subramanian, who holds the Ernest Dashiell Cockrell II Professorship in Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin and is leading the research efforts at the university. “Our initial testing of SigmaSense for BatteryEIS suggests that it has the potential to deliver a powerful, non-invasive technique to assess a battery’s electrochemical behavior. The deep insights it can generate have the potential not only to optimize battery performance, but to transform the battery industry overall.”

SigmaSense For BatteryEIS™ will enable users to:

  • Deliver more reliable, consistently higher quality batteries with an automated testing environment that removes human error and accelerates battery R&D.
  • Maximize safety throughout the lifespan of the battery by identifying electrochemical changes in the battery throughout its life.
  • Optimize battery life and performance by accurately monitoring battery health, predicting battery longevity, and increasing charge density utilization.

About SigmaSense
SigmaSense has pioneered a technology that reshapes interactions between digital systems and the physical world, heralding a new phase of enhanced digital sensing. SigmaSense’s software-defined sensing technology sets new benchmarks in speed, accuracy, resolution, and noise resilience. By cutting through the noise, SigmaSense products augment the range and quality of data extraction from the physical realm, catalyzing innovative experiences across devices and applications, including mobile, automotive, battery sensing, digital signage, wearables, and IoT touch displays. Backed by strategic investors such as NXP, Foxconn, LG-MRI, E ink, Corning, and GIS, SigmaSense is based in Austin, Texas, and also operates in Boise, Idaho, and Taipei, Taiwan.

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About University of Texas Cockrell School of Engineering

As a top ranked engineering school with the No. 1 program in Texas, the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin has been a global leader in technology advancement and engineering education for over a century.


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To learn more about SigmaSense and our sensing technologies, connect with our team to learn how we can help you power your next innovation.