Breakthrough SigmaDrive touch controller esteemed for high-performance innovation

AUSTIN, Texas – May 18, 2021 SigmaSense, the global leader in touch sensing performance, today announced that their SigmaDrive based SDC100 Touch Controller has entered volume production. SigmaSense developed the SDC100 to be the highest-performance touch controller in the interactive display space. The SDC100 enables touch response that is faster and more accurate than a smartphone, even on 75-inch outdoor digital signs with 13-mm thick tamper-resistant glass. It is proven to work in the harshest of environments: through thick bullet proof glass, in rain or snow, thick winter gloves and through a wide range of mechanical and electrical environmental interferences.

The groundbreaking SDC100 capabilities result from a unique method of current-mode sensing that is an exponential improvement over the traditional voltage-mode threshold approach. Current-mode sensing uses ultra-low voltage signals with many different frequencies, which it sends and listens to on rows and columns simultaneously. The output is faster, with lower latency, providing high-fidelity data with superior signal-to-noise characteristics.

The exceptional performance and feature set of the SDC100 overcomes long-standing PCAP controller design constraints and presents innovation opportunities for engineers by providing predictable performance even in challenging environments. And it enables new high resistance, less costly sensor materials that are flexible and optically superior compared to many low resistance sensor materials. This PCAP breakthrough means engineers can design using higher-resistant, less costly materials for use in harsher conditions, like outdoors in the rain or with contaminants and accept high speed inputs from multiple users simultaneously. Capacitive imaging of the entire screen also means new opportunities for AI and machine learning, enabling new experiences such as object recognition for interactive displays.

The SDC100 chip is in volume production and powering interactions for large outdoor displays built by LG-MRI, the outdoor digital signage industry leader. The 75-inch outdoor screens with 13-mm bulletproof glass are featured at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The SDC100-powered screens gather high-speed touch reports in the rain or snow and even through thick winter gloves.

“The new SDC100 digital Touch Controller is a dream come true,” says Bill Dunn, the Chairman of LG-MRI. “Solving all of the negative issues of the past decade: >30 db touch signal to noise ratios, 300Hz touch update rates, full performance in any outdoor environment (rain, snow, direct sun, shade, and freezing cold, blazing hot), no instability, no drift, and no false touches in high electromagnetic interference (EMI) environments, including proximity to high power arc welders. Truly a revolution in large-scale touch display.”

“It’s a true transformation of the display industry from a traditional consumption model to the true interactive model that has been promised forever,” says Rick Seger, CEO of SigmaSense. “Our technology will revolutionize multiple markets: from automotive, wearables, and bio-sensing to interactive kiosks, retail, and gaming. The SDC100 outperforms all other PCAP controllers where high fidelity, speed, and dependability matter.”

Recognition and accolades from industry leaders has begun: The technology has won Display Component of the Year by the Society for Information Design (SID) who hosts the 2021 Display Industry Awards (DIAs). SID recognizes innovative display products, components, and applications that hold the most promise for shaping the future of the global display industry, and SigmaSense is honored be a recognized this year as part of Display Week.

SigmaSense, the global leader in touch sensing performance, is bringing the best user experiences to products ranging from mobile phones and laptops to large monitors and digital signage. We are pioneering a comprehensive sensing technology that delivers 100 to 1000 times improved signal-to-noise performance that was previously not possible. SigmaVision™ capacitive imaging technology provides touch, pressure and object detection to the sensing surface, enabling a new generation of perceptive devices that are interactive and engaging. SigmaHover™ provides a superior touchless experience for public displays as well as any other device that uses touch sensors. Headquartered in Austin, TX, SigmaSense provides semiconductor products with development tools and support.

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