Breakthrough SigmaDrive® 300Hz touch performance is the difference between the winners and losers in gaming

April 20 ,2021 — SigmaSense LLC, the global leader in touch screen performance, announces the world’s first gaming class performance interactive display table. An advantage in the three-billion player gaming space is highly valued among gamers. In a comparison of a popular game, 300Hz touch reporting enabled an accuracy rate of over 90 percent compared to a 60Hz touch report rate accuracy of only 51 percent. The typical 30 Hz or 60 Hz touch report rate barrier for large displays has now been broken ushering in new user experiences and substantial advantages for gamers. Interactive displays equipped with SigmaDrive touch controller technology provide high speed 300 Hz touch reporting.

Large optically superior indium tin oxide (ITO) sensors are higher resistance and difficult to drive at low voltages. When bonded to an OLED display the electrical noise poses additional challenges for reliable touch processing. SigmaDrive touch controller technology easily overcomes both of these challenges and still provides 300Hz touch reporting performance. A new era in the user experience characterized by low lag and smooth touch operation finally enables high speed table top gaming. In addition, liquids and objects on the screen does not affect the touch performance. Until now, touch technology has not supported these high-speed reports with ample electrical noise or contaminant tolerance on large screens.

SigmaSense’s® new gaming class performance in a tabletop display creates all new possibilities for game developers. Finally, game piece recognition, pucks, and pens can be used for more immersive games while high fidelity capacitive imaging enabled by much faster data acquisition will change the limits of the gaming experience. The availability of high speed, high fidelity touch data has opened the door for tabletop gaming from 20 inches up to 100-inch tables with support for “gang play,” whether the gang is there to compete or to play as a team.

The performance of SigmaSense’s gaming tabletop is a breakthrough for the industry. Touch controls will deliver an even faster response than what can be achieved with high-speed gaming mice, and contaminants like a spilled drink will not interfere with touch responses.

“Even a simple hockey game on a 55 inch or a 65-inch screen has never been possible with low lag, until now,” said Rick Seger, SigmaSense CEO, “Now we can turn screens into gaming centers where you could have multiple players around the table and all with hands and fingers on the screen, playing games, collaborating, competing, but in a fast-paced world where a hockey puck may be flying around, or multiple aliens may be invading.”

Experience the world’s first high-performance gaming platform yourself. Visit SigmaSense at the GIS booth L618 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition center, 4F Hall 1. Touch Taiwan exhibition is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., April 21st through April 23rd.


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