SigmaSense Opens a New Era of Innovation

Where others see chaos and noise, we are finding answers

Rick Seger, CEO, SigmaSense

At SigmaSense, we believe creativity when coupled with true science, perfect math, and amazing software can solve some of the world’s most difficult challenges. Software defined sensing accelerates the intelligent exchange of data between the digital and physical worlds using a programmable approach to sensing with 100’s to 1000’s of times better sensitivity. Winners in the “Sense-Response” cycle are usually the quickest, the nimblest, and the best at ignoring noise and distractions. Systems tend to rely on processing of data, however the real goal is to pull meaningful information out of confusion to make correct decisions and accurate predictions. Our significant impact on the world is the fast, flexible innovation that happens when software defined sensing brings to light quality information, truth, and answers where others see only chaos and noise.

Inform AI Outcomes

The new generation of AI systems, when informed by better information, changes outcomes with meaningful results. SigmaSense radical innovation slices through the tumult of the physical world to find high fidelity information previously impossible to detect. We are in an era of digital transformation, where ML and AI processing is fueled by massive amounts of data that is sensed from the analog world. Enormous amounts of data in the cloud is captured using the limited capabilities of voltage-mode analog-to-digital conversion (ADC). The quantity of data is not a substitute for quality of data and here lies the SigmaSense opportunity. While companies pour tens of billions of dollars into new AI architectures, processing performance will address only half the challenge.

Capture Lost Data

The other half of the challenge is starting with higher fidelity sensed data which results in far better, more meaningful outcomes. Access to faster, higher resolution sensing can radically change the products and experiences our customers can deliver. From touch screens and automotive cockpit interactions to polymer wearables and spectroscopy in batteries, the information that differentiates the winners will depend on high fidelity sensing. Software defined sensing measures current direct-to-digital providing developers with continuous frequency-based controls with a future proof upgrade path that has never existed using traditional analog and mixed signal designs. While AI performance improvements have received significant global investment, we see a massive industry refocus coming for the other half of the system problem… how to capture the meaningful information.

All New Experiences

As the pioneer leading our customers with this new approach, sensing with continuous programmable pure tone frequencies, we are delivering answers out of the noise that enable all new features… all new experiences. SigmaSense has repeatedly heard “that’s impossible,” only to redefine “impossible” with sensing that enables numerous industry firsts. Please join us in learning more about how we redefine sensing, and how our team of innovators might redefine your impossible.