Mr. Van Ostrand has worked for both large and small companies, NASA (JPL), and a number of startups. He founded UniPixel Displays, Inc (publicly traded on NASDAQ: UNXL) serving various roles from President to Sr. VP of R&D and Engineering. He most recently served as the CEO of an IoT and Home Energy Management technology company.

While at UniPixel, he developed flat panel display, touch sensor design and roll to roll printed electronics technology. The company was at the forefront of the metal mesh touch sensor development. The metal mesh touch sensors were integrated with most of the industry leading touch controllers and proved to far exceed traditional ITO based touch sensors in performance.

He has developed novel technology in a number of different fields, including: energy management, digital circuit breakers, flexographic printed electronics, metal mesh touch sensors, roll to roll manufacturing, optical microstructure design, MEMs TFT flat panel displays, planar waveguide LED lighting, fingerprint resistant films, radio communication protocols, data analysis algorithms, battlefield processing systems, and vehicle tracking systems. He holds 23 issued patents and another 43 applications in process.