Gary Baum brings over 20 years’ experience as a veteran system and semiconductor industry sales and marketing executive. Mr. Baum is internationally known for his profitable, rapid-growth sales, marketing and business development initiatives. His industry leadership and expertise include semiconductors, notebook computers, workstations and thermal solutions. He has managed global development and sales organizations on multiple occasions. Mr. Baum’s experience often includes helping companies grow out of their formative stages towards successful ongoing concerns. Baum has been instrumental in establishing overseas technology companies from France, Denmark, Japan and Israel within the North American market.

As a member of the founding team, Baum shaped S3’s Windows graphics accelerator strategy that drove S3 to its successful IPO. Mr. Baum was the creator and director of AMD’s first SoC product line and also the notebook processor business where he drove revenue from zero to over $300M annualized within a 19 month period. While at Intel, he lead that company’s CPU field product planning, and drove design win programs such as the Intel “Crush” campaign which resulted in both the IBM PC design win and standardized of the entire PC industry on the X86 CPU architecture.