Profile of Rick Seger – CEO, Market Evangelist

Rick Seger is a Pioneer of the PCAP touch and pen industry. As President of N-trig Inc. from 2006 to 2015, he helped define the first customer products to incorporate PCAP technology enabling pen solutions into devices from nearly all major PC OEMs. Since 2006 he has driven adoption of modern touch and pen based input methods, influencing both hardware and software design decisions. He was named by Laptop Magazine as one of the “25 Most Influential People in Mobile Technology” for his evangelism in this area.

Mr. Seger is a leading advocate for the advancement of Interactive Displays and is passionate about helping manufactures to deliver products that will drive broad adoption. Most exciting to Mr. Seger is the impact interactive touch and pen based displays can have on Education Markets. From Healthcare to Education, from Business to the Arts, the promise of interactivity is strongly sought after across decisions. He has been integral to defining some of the best touch solutions, pens, applications, and sensing devices that are now poised for rapid adoption.

Mr. Seger started his career at Intel Corporation and further developed his leadership experience in the Semiconductor Industry as VP Sales Motorola SPS Consumer Group. During his 13 years at Motorola Mr. Seger consistently grew the business, managing more than 80 IC design wins with major OEMs and generating more than $500M in annual revenues.