Profile of Shawn Gray – Founder / Operations

Shawn Gray has over 25 years of diverse industry, functional, and geographic experience with large multinational corporations and smaller emerging growth companies. Mr. Gray joined TouchKO in the late 90’s as VP and GM. Under his leadership TouchKO developed new touch screen technology and manufacturing processes that would increase company yields, output, and profits. As General Manager, he grew TouchKO to a large semi-automated manufacturing company with 30 employees that was recognized worldwide as a touchscreen pioneer. Mr. Gray subsequently structured the acquisition of the company by Wacom in 2007. As part of the management team at Wacom he was responsible for supporting the Global Vertical Market customers including P&L until 2010. The TouchKO technology infusion into Wacom subsequently helped secure their transition and dominance in the touch and pen market today.

In 2010, Mr. Gray was brought in as a partner and as President of Quantum Interface, a motion interface company, to resurrect the lawsuit embroiled failing General Partnership. After a complete restructuring of Qi, he negotiated the settlement of the suits, grew the patent portfolio, raised the first significant round of funding, and elevated the company’s valuation prior to leaving in early 2015. Qi is a strong virtual and augmented reality startup due in large part to Mr. Gray’s efforts.

Mr. Gray founded SigmaSense in 2015 because he recognized that OEMs developing products from multiple industries were struggling with hardware and sensor selections. He has seen firsthand the pain and difficulty that comes from the tuning process in multi-modal devices. He has been instrumental in providing customer guidance and support in development of usable hardware interfaces through all stages of the innovation process. Shawn is also credited for numerous corporate and personal patent filings. Mr. Gray is a Mechanical Engineer by training and is a versatile operations specialist experienced in managing complex systems. He is a multi-talented manager who brings SigmaSense a rich set of leadership skills.