Profile of Troy Gray – CTO

Troy Gray is a brilliant technologist who has a natural entrepreneur spirit. With over 25 years’ experience in human interface hardware and software design, Mr Gray possess an unparalleled understanding of the science behind capacitive touch systems. Mr. Gray is a veteran of Carroll Touch, the creator of the “original” touch screen. He was the founder of TouchKO (founded in 1996) where he was responsible for the foundational research and development of surface capacitive technology. TouchKO was ultimately purchased by Wacom for their IP in 2007 where Mr. Gray spent another 7 years improving on this technology. His breakthrough developments in the field of touch input have been leveraged into countless products and the techniques he originated and are incorporated into a number of sensing systems and patents globally. He is a key member of the SigmaSense management team but more importantly, he is at the top of our industry in terms of thought leadership and setting a vision for human-machine interface.