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Sigma-delta Architecture

Analog can't touch digital

SigmaSense advanced sensing architectures are moving the industry from the analog to the digital realm, creating substantial opportunity to impact the world in a positive way.

While the current industry is spending millions to squeeze an additional 2-3dB signal-to-noise improvement from their analog and mixed-signal solutions, our digital approach to Capacitive Imaging just changed the playing field with far more information, far more time to do analysis, far better filtering, and far better signal-to-noise. In relative terms we operate with high speed video capture while today’s most popular solutions use a slow line scanner.


Without question, Capacitive Imaging technologies from SigmaSense will set new benchmarks for touch performance, optical quality, and reliability.

The industry's first digital sensing architecture

SigmaSense uses Sigma-delta architectures to change the rules so our partners can make better design decisions… better products. Perceptive machines simply require more information and better information.

  • Capacitive Imaging so machines make better decisions
  • Use with any display type (LCD, OLED, Electrophoretic, etc.), and with any sensor type
  • The best signal-to-noise ratio
  • Environmentally resilient (Rain, salt water, ground instability and noise immunity)
  • Enables low cost sensors or in-cell/on-cell
  • Programmable tuning

The industry's first fully scalable sensing architecture

Because SigmaSense architectures are digital, the potential to scale through countless implementations, environments and display sizes are virtually endless, empowering interactive technology designers to finally rewrite the rules of the game.

  • Wrist-to-Wall Scalability supporting the same experience and resolution across all display sizes for pen and touch
  • Display technology independent with no demands on display architecture
  • Sensor design agnostic
  • Problem solved for parasitic capacitance and long traces (high impedance and signal attenuation) on large displays
  • Unified sensing, touch, and pen strategy across entire product portfolios
  • Large interactive displays can expand product range and markets to at least 86 inches

Unparalleled noise immunity through Multiform Concurrent Modality

Empower your devices, displays and interactive technology environments with the true competitive advantage of concurrent TX/RX and programmable tuning.

  • Every channel has its own Sigma-delta modulator
  • Enjoy single pin I/O for drive and sense
  • Simultaneous drive/sample removes common mode noise, eliminates parasitics in self mode and mitigates parasitics in mutual mode
  • Multiform Concurrent Modality allows for pen, self and mutual detection in the same sample cycle
  • Independent and dynamic channel frequency selection

Major benefits for equipment and device manufacturers

SigmaSense architectures offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original device manufactures (ODMs) numerous opportunities to gain competitive advantage by differentiating in several areas, some of which include:

  • Software tuning capabilities with shorter tuning cycles
  • Software adaptive to final system
  • Integration confidence
  • Programmable support for a wide range of frequencies
  • The widest operating range of efficient guard bands
  • Lower costs through smaller die sizes
  • Greatly reduced pen cost
  • Unlocked, smaller digital blocks compared to locked, large analog blocks
  • Reduced engineering costs for customization and tuning
  • Simplified power supplies
  • Active pen support at no added cost
  • Fewer design compromises
  • Design reuse derived by flexible component options
  • Flexibility in routing and placement
  • One controller to support multiple touch input surfaces
  • Simplified In-cell/On-cell design, integration and life cycle

Technology to disrupt all vertical markets

The many benefits of SigmaSense architectures will have a major impact for touch sensors, active pens and capacitive sensors across practically every market vertical including, but not limited to:

  • All things IoT
  • Automotive
  • Appliances
  • TVs and Large Interactive Displays
  • Computers
  • Smartphones
  • Medical Environments and Healthcare
  • Fashion and Technology Wearables
  • Marine
  • Industrial Controls
  • Much, much more