High fidelity touchless interaction

Interacting without touch is not only possible, but it can offer new user experiences that are sometimes even more engaging compared to touch alone. SigmaHover® literally extends our multi-touch technology in new directions. Now, not only are the “X” and “Y” location dimensions of touch available, but also the “Z” dimension – the area above the display.

User intent can be ascertained by traditional X, Y and now the Z dimensions above the display. AI based technology can use this high fidelity data to enhance the user experience even further. Hand location, speed, acceleration, shape and other attributes are all reported and processed to provide control of the display operation.

The world will continue to change and SigmaSense® is here to help digital device users enjoy new high hover experiences.

Unmatched high hover benefits

SigmaHover® is the first high hover, multi-dimensional data including presence detection

  • Advanced presence detection of over one meter, not possible with other technologies
  • Multiple hover planes to provide smooth, repeatable Z dimension data
  • High fidelity data enables AI and gesture processing providing for new user interactions

New sensing experiences

SigmaHover® dimensionality allows for interaction above the screen as a supplement to, or alternative to touching the screen

  • SigmaHover builds upon SigmaVision® to provide multidimensional imaging
  • Intuitive selections and movements are detected from a comfortable distance above the screen
  • Perimeter electrodes measure energy from the center electrode for presence detection.