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Break new ground with Capacitive Imaging

Sensing technology performance is important because it defines our human interaction with machines. We first think of sensing touch on displays, but this is just a starting point for the technology.

SigmaSense capacitive sensing performance levels enable a number of intuitive uses for sensing presence, movement, pressure, fluids and more. Additionally, SigmaVision™ moves sensing from the realm of mixed signal and analog silicon to digital logic, allowing for profound advantages in hardware design that will affect billions of devices. Most importantly, this shift improves how well machines can sense the world around them.

Sensing is the gateway to perceptive machines and SigmaSense defines a digital platform that improves sensitivity, functionality and adaptability while dramatically improving signal-to-noise ratio. We enable profound advancements in overall user experience.

Digital signal generation and Pure Tones

The performance and features of our SigmaVision™ controller drastically exceed the capabilities of analog technologies.

  • Coherent demodulation ignores any noise more than +/-150Hz from TX frequencies to deliver real noise immunity
  • Highest signal-to-noise ratio in the game, lowest noise floor on TX/RX signals with the highest sensitivity measures
  • Extremely low power consumption at less than 20µA per channel for TX/RX

Continuous TX, RX on all channels for Pen and Touch

Our advanced SigmaDelta modulation opens the door to concurrent TX/RX and programmable tuning.

  • Extremely fast detection with 300Hz-400Hz report rate
  • Touch data from entire screen at all times, no scanning or windowing
  • Awareness above the screen, including palm rejection and intuitive responses
  • Programmable rejection of undesired contacts

Multiform Concurrent Modality 15.6″ ITO Sensor for self and mutual

Pen freedom in every way

Plain and simple, we have enabled the most realistic, functional and useful digital writing experience ever known.

  • Use multiple pens on any display
  • Any single pen will work on all displays offering full scalability
  • Enables the ‘universal screen’ that functions with legacy pen protocols
  • Capture data that has real value for any implementation

Independently configurable channels

Can your analog and mixed signal bundle provide the benefits of our digital SigmaVision™ solution?

  • Supports non-uniform channel characteristics
  • Single chip sense functionality anywhere – frontside, backside, scrollbars, dials, buttons, touchpads, joysticks
  • Enables superior optics while using low cost sensors
  • Enables flexible routing and frameless design