Break new ground with capacitive imaging

Sensing technology performance is important because it defines our human interaction with machines. We first think of sensing touch on displays, but this is just a starting point for the technology.

SigmaVision® capacitive imaging provides high fidelity data at high speed to fuel AI based object recognition. Unprecedented sensitivity allows objects on or near the display surface to be detected enabling new user experiences. Most importantly, this shift improves how well machines can sense the world around them.

Sensing is the gateway to new user experiences and SigmaVision® capacitive imaging is the benchmark for improved sensitivity, functionality and adaptability. We enable profound advancements in overall user experience.

High fidelity data fuels AI engines enables new user experiences

Simultaneous capacitive imaging of the entire display surface at 300Hz is a game changer.

  • SigmaDrive®’s signal-to-noise ratio advantages will enable dramatic new capabilities that provide precise, high speed imaging data
  • Concurrent self-capacitance, mutual-capacitance and pen detection open new frontiers
  • Object classification and advanced interactive user interfaces are now possible with AI based processing

Continuous TX, RX on all channels for Pen and Touch

Our advanced SigmaDrive® current mode ADC channel modulation opens the door to concurrent TX/RX and programmable tuning.

  • Extremely fast detection with 300Hz report rate
  • Touch data from entire screen at all times, unlike the scanning or windowing commonly used with voltage threshold controllers.
  • Awareness on the screen, including palm rejection and intuitive responses

Independently configurable channels

Dynamic control of each sensor channel independently from all other channels

  • Any or all channel settings may be changed every reporting cycle
  • Supports non-uniform channel characteristics
  • Enables superior optics while using low cost sensors
  • Enables flexible, non-uniform routing and frameless design