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We got the pen write

TruePressure™ has unlocked truly ground breaking performance in the world of active inking and the ultra-realistic writing experience, has purpose far beyond the traditional goals of device performance, sales and profitability.

The use of computers in today’s classrooms, even with all of their intrinsic benefits, diminishes the cognitive development in our children below the level that can be achieved with pen and paper.  In fact, research is now indisputable on this point.

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the cognitive ability to solve problems.  Digital handwriting is essential to developing a generation of advanced problem solvers.

Unmatched active inking benefits

TruePressure™ is the first digital writing appliance to create a truly realistic, humanized user experience.

  • Advanced perceptive inking not possible with other technologies
  • High precision 3D pressure and tilt
  • Advanced barrel rotation and pressure sensing capabilities allowing for various stroke types and ink shapes
  • A more natural overall writing experience allowing for high performance options including calligraphy, design, arts and note taking

Simplified pen core designs

TruePressure™ views the internal active pen architecture as if it were a projected capacitive touch screen.

  • Unlimited barrel and tip design possibilities

    Variable capacitance is measured as the pendulum electrode moves in 3 dimensions

  • Axial travel precisely controlled by material selections and design
  • IP67 sealing design options
  • Data communications with touch controller is accomplished through the center electrode transmission
  • Perimeter electrodes measure energy from center electrode
  • Pen tip may be constructed of many material or apparatus such as an ink pen cartridge
  • Tip mechanism can be employed on opposite end of pen to create a dynamic eraser function
  • Very low bill of material costs

Superior pen performance featuring TruePressure™

TruePressure is the amount of force applied from the pen to the touchscreen, regardless of pen orientation. This cannot be achieved simply by measuring Axial pressure (as our competitors do).



  • Location tracking speed transmitted @ 300 pps
  • Tip pressure information and other control signals transmitted @ 100 pps
  • Bi-directional control channel between sensor and pen
  • Orthogonal communications signals for self and mutual
  • Pen ID assignment
  • Transmission of pen serial number to sensor
  • Availability of alternate tracking frequencies
  • Pen button and indicator states
  • Accelerometer data from pen (angle, roll, etc.)
  • User preferences (ink type, color, etc.)
  • Authentication of the pen for system security


  • Measured in 4 axis of the pen: X & Y (1), Z (2), and barrel roll (3)
  • Vertical to flat tilt with no loss of precision
  • Advanced barrel rotation allows for various pen/ink shapes (ex. chisel point)