We will be attending CAR.HMI on July 12-13, 2021 at the Henry Detroit. We will demonstrate an example of sensor fusion in action. Sensor fusion is the ability to support multiple sensors where the analog sensor signals are shared and separated by a single touch...


A Decade in Touch Display – and the SigmaSense Revolution

“There are literally no limitations” Bill Dunn, LG-MRI Chairman Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, everyone of all ages inherently expects most displays to now be touch enabled. The same thinking applies to large format (55”-98”) Digital Out of Home (DOOH) displays, which is...


LOPEC 2021 – Driving the future of printed electronics

We will be attending LOPEC on March 23-25, 2021 in the virtual booth hosted by Heraeus Epurio. Heraeus provides the PEDOT:PSS chemicals used in high resistance conductive polymer films. SigmaSense's SigmaDrive® technology enables the use of these high resistance PEDOT films to be patterned into...